An analysis of american literature fred collins fool or hero

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An analysis of american literature fred collins fool or hero

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Ingrid Blaufarb Hughes on Robert Graves Goodbye to All That i s the only autobiography among Robert Graves's many volumes of poetry, fiction, biography, retellings of myth, translations and critical works.

Goodbye covers the first thirty years of his life, and is a terrifically good read, especially riveting in the two hundred pages devoted to his experiences serving in the Royal Welch Fusiliers during World War I. Wanting to put off his enrollment at Oxford, outraged by the German violation of Belgian neutrality, and believing predictions that the Germans would be defeated within a few months, Graves volunteers in the fall of The most ludicrous of his stories comes from the period he spends in training in Wales.

The Regimental goat-major, a corporal, is charged with disrespect to an officer, the officer being the king, who had given the regiment a goat from his herd at Windsor. The issue of the British caste system is even more appalling on the front. After serving for several months with the Third Battalion, Graves is transferred in July of to the Second, where he is greeted coldly when he reports at headquarters.

Later he asks another junior officer why. If you open your mouth or make the slightest noise in the Mess, they jump down your throat.

Only officers of the rank of captain are allowed to drink whiskey or turn on the gramophone We've even got a polo-ground here Subalterns who can't ride like angels have to attend riding-school every afternoon They keep us trotting around the field, with crossed stirrups most of the time, and on pack-saddles instead of riding saddles You notice everyone's wearing shorts?

The Battalion thinks it's still in India. The men treat the French civilians just like ns, kick them about, talk army Hindustani at them. Is there a war on here, or isn't there? Graves is interested in everything about the war: His narration of the slaughter is matter-of-fact.

At their briefing for the Battle of Loos, Graves and other company officers recognize the impossibility of the plans they are to follow for a subsidiary attack with no support intended as a diversion. As they begin to laugh at their orders one of them says, "Personally, I don't give a damn We'll get killed whatever happens.

Most worrying is the plan to use poison gas, despite the fact that none of the various types of respirators issued work, though the Germans' respirators did.

The young commanders Graves is twenty are told to make sure their men press forward, since the gas is heavy and will sink into the trenches.

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An analysis of american literature fred collins fool or hero

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An analysis of american literature fred collins fool or hero