Anth 1120 midterm exam review

Graduation Portfolio 0 Students submit the portfolio to their undergraduate advisor by midterm of the semester in which they intend to graduate. Formal approval of the portfolio is required for graduation. Consult the undergraduate advisor for details.

Anth 1120 midterm exam review

Term definitions sentencesshort answer questions sentencesand longer answer questions paragraphs Exam length: Identify and briefly define two sub-disciplines of anthropology.

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Identify and briefly define two branches of socio-cultural anthropology. Identify and briefly explain two challenges in doing fieldwork. Identify and briefly explain two steps in the fieldwork process.

What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative research? What do naming practices in different societies reveal about their views of self? What is the difference between an emic and etic perspective?

What is the difference between a commodity and a gift?

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Provide 2 examples of how North Americans transform commodities into gifts. Identify and briefly explain two key metaphors found in Canadian English language use. Identify and briefly explain two key features or characteristics of rituals.

Identify and briefly explain two key symbolic actions of Rastafarianism. Is Wovoka and the Ghost Dance an example of a revitalization movement? Why or why not? What is critical cultural relativism?

What are its strengths and challenges for anthropologists? According to Clifford Geertz, how might we think of the Balinese cockfight as a cultural text? Identify two criticisms of applied anthropology. How might an applied anthropologist respond to these criticisms? Is gender a biological fact?

Is Canada a society that recognizes a Third Gender? Why or Why not? Explain how a collective identity may be created through conflict and struggle. Why are zombie films good to think with?

According to Comaroff and Comaroff, what do increased reports of witchcraft and magic tell us about the post-apartheid worldview of some South Africans? How did the worldview of Rastafarianism evolve in relation to social, economic and political conditions?

According to Mackey, how does the Canadian nation-state manage internal difference? According to Mackey, what is the place of indigenous peoples in the national narrative of Canada?General biology midterm exam review guide, part ii: short answer 1) explain what is happening in the following graph with regard to enzyme function this graph is a measure of the enzyme activity as a function of temperature.

First Midterm: Wednesday, October 3, pm: Second Midterm: Wednesday, October 31, pm: Final Exam: Thursday, December 13, pm. o Midterm exams & grand finale analysis: you will demonstrate your knowledge of concepts and skills of analysis in two midterm exams and one grand finale analysis (during exam period).

This course has three midterm exams and a final exam.

Anth 1120 midterm exam review

Note that these exams are in the evening, and do not take place your regular classroom. Exam locations vary by section and will be announced by each instructor in class.

Start studying Anth midterm prep (6,7,8,9) (Schultz).

Anth 1120 midterm exam review

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. MIDTERM EXAM 1 Review- PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY Dr. Leanna Wolfe Summer Date: June 25, Please bring an # scantron, a #2 pencil, a pen, several sheets of blank paper for your.

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