Bernard maclaverty cal essay

This hostile atmosphere would make the sense of security and belonging provided by the IRA particularly attractive to Cal, as he is in the vulnerable position of being one of only two Catholics on a Protestant housing estate. Fear was not the only reason for many young catholics joining the IRA — peer pressure and a feeling of responsibility were strong factors behind joining: There was also the fear of the consequences of not becoming a member: Throughout the first chapter, the idea of the IRA as a fact of life is introduced and strengthened.

Bernard maclaverty cal essay

In Cal, MacLaverty continues to explore the subjects of loneliness, sin, freedom, and responsibility that preoccupied him in his critically acclaimed first novel, Lamb and his short-story collections Secrets and Other Stories and A Time to Dance and Other Stories Conflicts between sin and forgiveness, loyalty and betrayal, crime and punishment, violence and justice, maturity and responsibility permeate his works.

Cal, nineteen years old and unemployed, lives at home with his father; they are the only Catholics in a Protestant neighborhood. As the novel begins, Cal is besieged by guilt for helping in a murder and obsessed with desire for the woman he helped to make a widow.

Guilt and desire combine to make Cal a psychological cripple. As his character unfolds in flashbacks, it is clear that he is a passive, sensitive youth, easily intimidated and manipulated by others.

Because he is easily manipulated, Cal is vulnerable to the likes of Crilly and Skeffington, two IRA supporters who enlist his aid.

The consequences of his passive behavior are enormous and tragic. But compared with conventional war the numbers are small. In one terrible moment of weakness, Cal sacrifices a human life for the sake of the issues. The novel begins a year after the murder, with Cal trying to fill his empty days by strumming his guitar, going to the library, cooking for his working father, Shamie, fearing the Irish Protestant threats, and attempting to rid himself of guilt.

Conflicts converge on him from all sides. His environment, an all-Protestant suburb of Belfast where hatred and violence are a way of life, poses daily threats.

"Cal" by Bernard MacLaverty | Essay Example

Both his friends and enemies intimidate him. Skeffington and Crilly threaten reprisal if he fails to assist in IRA-backed crimes, while Protestant youths threaten to firebomb his home. Finally, his psychological torment over killing reserve police officer Robert Morton gradually destroys his mental stability.

To make matters worse, Cal is unemployed, providing more time for guilt to fester. Even his unemployment is a consequence of his guilt.

Bernard maclaverty cal essay

This repulsion emerges as the first hint of guilt that continues to plague him throughout the novel. The priest tells the story of Matt Talbot, a drunken derelict for ten years, who sought atonement for his decade of debauchery by wearing a chain around his waist so tight that it grew into his flesh.

Physical pain Cal has not yet experienced; psychological pain is his constant companion. The entire section is 2, words. Unlock This Study Guide Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this 9-page Cal study guide and get instant access to the following:Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion Essay - Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion The passage taken from Act 2 of Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion marks a critical turning point in the plot line and character development of the novel.

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Cal by bernard Maclaverty Essay  Cal by Bernard MacLaverty Cal by Bernard MacLaverty tells us the tragic story about a young, unemployed Catholic named Cal Maclusky. He lives in Northern Ireland in an ulster where mostly Protestants live and is the son of a stubborn widowed abattoir man who refuses to leave his home even though their house.

Bernard maclaverty cal essay writing Reflective essay on a stitch in time saves nine west discopathe critique essay god bless america movie analysis essay hulk essay double spaced essay meaning mexican bela bartok mikrokosmos analysis essay, inquiry based research essay. Jun 17,  · Obsession and guilt are the two forces that clash head-on in Bernard MacLaverty’s second novel, Cal.

His characters, many of whom have been stripped of . Cal starts his job in a slaughterhouse after he finished school. His father works there too but it makes him nauseous. He quits his job and.

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