Cinematography in moonrise kingdom

His shots are always perfectly centered.

Cinematography in moonrise kingdom

I will then evaluate the film's institutions, genre, representation, audience, narrative and ideology. I aim to illustrate what connotations the mise en scene can relate back to the audience about the film Moonrise Kingdom.

I will do this by analysing the mise en scene in a specific clip that I have taken of the film. The mise en scene in this clip tells the audience a lot about the story line of Moonrise Kingdom itself.

To begin with the location of this scene is a beach, however unlike typical Hollywood portrayals of a beach it is not sunny and beautiful. The sand is dirty and it is a foggy day. The isolation of the characters is obvious as there seems to be no sign of civilisation anywhere.

The mountains behind then point in towards the center of the shot, framing the characters and not allowing any distraction. The props of a lantern and suitcase also pen in the characters. The water behind the characters is soothing however it also seems to represent the boys sexual arousal as it becomes more obvious as the scene progresses.

The lighting is important in this scene, it is completely natural and is realistic of Cinematography in moonrise kingdom weather in the background of the scene.

Cinematography in moonrise kingdom

The darkness that the grey sky projects onto the scene conveys a completely different message than usual romantic comedies do. However in this scene the dynamic has changed as the lighting communicates a different message to the audience.

The grey darkness reflects the conflict of the audience as they watch two children who have run away from home share an intimate moment.

A screen capture from the chosen clip from Moonrise Kingdom, the unconventional age of both the protagonists shines through in a scene like this The character choice is vital to understanding how this romantic comedy differs so greatly from traditional films of the same genre.

This deviates heavily from the traditional twenty something couple trying to survive in a modern western society. The costume in the mise en scene of this clip illustrates many messages to the audience.

The girl is dressed in oversize underwear, a hint again to a youth being forced into adult characteristics. It is important to note her hair and make up. She has heavy blue eye shadow on her eyelids, and blusher on her cheeks. This mask not only illustrates again the difference between childhood and adulthood but it also makes the audience have doubt for her character.

She instantly become untrustworthy as she appears to be hiding something. Her hair is dyed to be a darker red than natural and she has flower clips in her hair. In contrast to her hair being pulled back, which exposes more of her face, which should in turn make her more trustworthy it does the opposite.

The boy on the other hand is the typical picture of a young boy on the cusp of being a teenager. His glasses, scout shirt and baggy Y-fronts, give the air of pure innocence and awkwardness, allowing the audience to naturally warm to him and sympathise with. In the case of both characters the costume shows the audience that the characters are failing to achieve their goals, and this subverts the normal romantic comedy genre.

I have taken inspiration from a few elements of the mise en scene in Moonrise Kingdom. Sound can be used to highlight emotions or communicate a certain message in a scene. The use of a foreign song, specifically French, highlights the romance in the scene but also the desire the characters have to be considered mature and independent from the adults in their life.

This background noise is naturalistic and is formed of the sea lapping against the sand. This firstly highlights the realism of this scene as the background noise is natural.

It also plays a smaller role in building tension within the scene. This subtle effect that Anderson has used creates a dramatic layer to the scene and sways the audience to become more engrossed in the action.

Cinematography in moonrise kingdom

I will do this by anaylsing the editing conventions for a Romantic Comedy compared to this independent take on the genre film. The editing in this scene is minimal, as the scene only comprieses of ten shots, majority of which last for over ten seconds.

Therefore this means that the transitions between the cuts of shot are convential and mundane to keep the audiences attention focused on the narrative. This kind of editing is important in a film as it presents the audience with a reality that they can understand.

The typical action reaction influences from a Hollywood studio system Romantic Comedy are obvious from Wes Anderson in the editing of this clip.

Moonrise Kingdoms editing style has influenced me greatly.

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I am aiming to be able to portray a very similar style when creating my final product. The minimal, simple editing keeps the audience focused entirely on the narrative and this is the exact effect I want in my film.

Whilst doing this the understated editing also adds an odd undercurrent to the film as it is not seen often in studio system films. It highlights aspects of the two main characters, in particular their age, further as the amount of time spent watching the same shot triggers the audience to pay attention to this.Fantastic Mr.

Fox was shot digitally. Was Bottle Rocket 35mm? Besides those two his films were 35mm anamorphic. I seem to remember Bottle Rocket being shot on 35mm anamorphic with a single prime lens!

Moonrise Kingdom is a American coming-of-age film directed by Wes Anderson, written by Anderson and Roman Coppola. It features newcomers Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward leading a cast including Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton, Jason Schwartzman, and Bob Balaban.

Jan 08,  · Moonrise Kingdom In much of Moonrise Kingdom, the characters either cross horizontally in front of the camera or walk in a vertical line extending from it, seemingly fixed to an x- . Feb 27,  · Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom is a great example of how a variety of filming techniques can be used to perfect the theme of of Wes Anderson's films are made with the same set of characteristics including symmetry, expressive color .

MOONRISE KINGDOM exquisitely imagines the bubble of a New England summer, meticulously capturing a delicate world where operatic emotion underscores an orphan's journey.

Director and co-writer Wes Anderson earns his merit badge as an American original, a storyteller whose loyal community of artists exposes the deepest of feelings . This section contains my analysis of the media language used by Wes Anderson in Moonrise Kingdom, including the mise en scene, sound, editing and cinematography.

Media Analysis: Moonrise Kingdom Analysis