English language and technology

Messenger We are getting used to the idea of rapidly developing technologies changing what we can do and how we do things. One of the key ways we see this is when the name of a company becomes a way of doing something involving any product that is similar. But googling has become much more than just the mere act of typing words into a text box and clicking a button. Google has now become our collective global memory and googling is the process by which we access those memories.

English language and technology

Get my collection of free language goodies delivered to your inbox! I discovered this fun fact along with many others! Shane created a timeline detailing the influence of technology on the English language to celebrate World English Language Day which is today! How Technology has shaped the English Language World English language day has been celebrated on the 23rd of April each year sincein conjunction with the birthday anniversary of William Shakespeare.

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The history of the language can be dated as far back as the 5th Century AD when three Germanic tribes, Angles, Saxons and Jutes came to England and displaced the Celtic language that was spoken.

The invasion of the Vikings, as well as the influence of Latin, caused the language to evolve further, and contributed a substantial amount of the vocabulary used today. This continued evolution has led to English being the second most used language in the world. While the impact of invasions and the effect of other languages have had a significant influence on the language, it is without question that advancements in technology have played a vital role in the development of the language.

The invention of the printing press led to greater availability of books, and allowed the public to experience newspapers and the timeless works of Daniel Defoe and William Shakespeare.

Radio contributed to the spread of the language during wartimes, while it could be strongly argued that the invention of television was a major factor in the increased use of English as a second language in the s.

English language and technology

In this interactive timeline we have sought to celebrate the development of the language through the influence of technology. While there will always be contrasting opinion on the negatives and positives regarding the influence of technology, without it, English would not be as widely used and spoken as it is today.

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Marvell semiconductor solutions continue to transform the enterprise, cloud, automotive, industrial, and consumer markets.

Alma Rodriguez, assistive-technology coordinator for the special education department of the Laredo Independent School District, in Laredo, Texas, uses a medley of technology products to bolster the English-language skills of its largely Spanish-speaking population.

Over the centuries, technology has changed very quickly and the English language has changed very quickly as well.

In this post you'll discover some of the inventions which have helped shape the English language. Gary Motteram, editor of the British Council publication Innovations in learning technologies for English language teaching, explains how the arrival of digital technologies in the classroom has helped learning..

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Technology is very much part of language learning throughout the world at all different levels. We are as likely to find it in the primary sector as much as in adult education. American English is a website for teachers and learners of English as a foreign language abroad.

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