Georges clemenceau and world war i essay

Georges Clemenceau was French prime minister twice, in and from November Although trained as a doctor he travelled to the U. A member of the chamber of deputies from as a Radical Republican, he failed to win re-election in after being implicated in the Panama Canal scandal, and unjustly accused of being in Britain's pay. For the following nine years he concentrated on his journalism, penning daily articles for La Justice and founding Le Bloc in

Georges clemenceau and world war i essay

First World - Who's Who - Georges Clemenceau

His youth was spent among peasants, but it was his father, Benjamin, a Voltairean, positivist, and admirer of the Revolution ofwho shaped him and remained his model. Through his father he met men who were plotting to overthrow the emperor Napoleon III and came to know the historian Jules Micheletwho was being hunted by the imperial police.

Benjamin was arrested briefly in Three years later Novemberhe took Georges to Paris to study medicine. It was seized by the police, and, because of an advertisement inviting the workers of Paris to commemorate the 14th anniversary of the Revolution ofClemenceau was imprisoned for 73 days.

Having completed his studies, Clemenceau left for the United States, where he was to spend most of the next four years — He was struck by the freedom of discussion and expression, unknown in France at the time, and he had great admiration for the politicians who were forging American democracy.

In due course, despite the opposition of her guardian, he married one of his pupils, Mary Plummer, in Three children were born of this union, but the couple separated after seven years. But politics soon took him back to Paris. Less than two months later, the French were defeated at Sedan and the empire collapsed.

He was not successful and, therefore, resigned as mayor and deputy March 27, In he stood again for the Chamber of Deputies and was elected for the 18th arrondissement.

He joined the extreme left, and his energy and mordant eloquence speedily made him the leader of the Radical bloc. Inin the constitutional crisis precipitated on le seize mai May 16when Pres.

Patrice MacMahon attempted to make the government responsible to him rather than to the National AssemblyClemenceau took a leading part in resisting such antirepublican policy. Refusing to form a ministry himself, because he could not command a majority in the Senate, he supported the government of Charles de Freycinet in and was responsible for the inclusion in the cabinet of Gen.

Georges Boulanger as minister of war. Clemenceau had mistakenly imagined Boulanger to be a republican, but when he showed himself an irresponsible demagogue and nationalist, a focus for both Bonapartist and monarchist support, Clemenceau became a vigorous opponent of the Boulangist movement and helped to form the League of the Rights of Man to press for radical reforms.

More effectively, Clemenceau brought a successful lawsuit against his detractors. Their condemnation forced some of them to resign as deputies, but in the end they took Clemenceau with them. Despite conducting an exhaustive and brilliant campaign, he was defeated. But Clemenceau was too much of a fighter to give in to discouragement.

He started upon a serious career in journalism and, after a difficult beginning, came to be classed among the foremost political writers of his time.

A new Clemenceau was revealed: An ardent supporter of the Impressionistshe especially favoured the work of Monet: He also tried his hand at writing a play.

He was, however, essentially a journalist and inevitably wrote much about the Dreyfus casewhich agitated France from to At first Clemenceau had assumed that the young Jewish officer Alfred Dreyfus had, indeed, been guilty of selling secrets to Germany.

This election was of vital importance in the political career of Clemenceau. He remained a senator from Var untilthe year in which he voluntarily ended his political activity.

First World - Who's Who - Georges Clemenceau

It was as senator that he was to show his greatest qualities as a statesman. He became a member of the cabinet in as interior minister and was premier from to When a strike of miners in the Pas-de-Calais led to a threat of disorder inhe resolved to employ the military. His attitude in this matter alienated the Socialist Party, from which he definitely broke in a notable speech.

During and the new entente with England was cemented.

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In Morocco, a dispute between France and Germany over the harbouring in the German consulate of German deserters from the French Foreign Legion brought renewed tension between the two countries. Austria-Hungary urged calmness on the Germans, and in February a joint agreement was signed, recognizing the economic interests of Germany and the special political interests of France in Morocco.

Freed from the responsibilities of power, Clemenceau travelled abroad. He took advantage of this opportunity to make speeches in Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil on the subject of democracy. When World War I broke out in Julythe partisan in him gave way to the patriot, who called upon every Frenchman to join the fray.The Treaty of Versailles Was the Most Pleasing to Woodrow Wilson or George Clemenceau?

After the First World War a treaty had to be made to punish Germany for their actions. This had to be done as Germany had lost the war and had signed the Armistice on the 11th November The French statesman Georges Clemenceau () was twice premier of France, in and He led France through the critical days of World War I and headed the French delegation to the Paris Peace Conference.

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Clemenceau, Lloyd-George, and Wilson at the Paris Peace Conference but at the same time they wished to punish those guilty of causing the war."[1] Georges Clemenceau only desired revenge and a punitive peace with Germany. World War 1 Peace Conference Essay.

Georges Clemenceau, the prime minister of France, wanted to weaken Germany so it could never attack again, and the British Prime Minister, David Lloyd George, wanted Germany to pay reparations. However, President Wilson desired long-lasting world peace and meant no harm to Germany, unlike France and Britain.

Clemenceau and World War I. In , Georges Clemenceau found himself back in the Senate.

Georges clemenceau and world war i essay

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