How to write a fundraiser letter to parents

The letter with all the important information should be sent or emailed directly to one or both parents or guardians. Parents are usually busy and in a hurry or only interested in the development of their child.

How to write a fundraiser letter to parents

For any other use, please contact us first. Dear Parent, First of all, let me say: Thank you for your tireless support of your child in OurSchool.

Through fundraisers, parent-teacher meetings, school sports, after-school activities, and everything else that happens in the course of a school year, you have shown your commitment to giving your child the best possible education.

As we partner with you here at OurSchool for the education of your child, I want you to know, that your commitment does not go unnoticed. It is partly because of the busy lives we all lead that I am writing. As you know, OurSchool customarily has a fundraiser in the first part of the school year to pay for things that are not fully covered by the school budget: We also understand that parents are tired of having their kids sell fundraising products door-to-door and have come to question the status quo of such standards as candy fundraisers and car washes.

When discussing several alternative fundraising options at our school board meeting, one person proposed that we simply write to the parents and let them know the amount of our budget shortfall.

We could ask each parent to contribute a little bit towards that amount, so that we can continue to offer the wonderful programs and extracurricular activities that OurSchool the highly respected school that it is.

Profit and Cost:

And that brings me to you. I wish I could tell you that we are raising money for a new program, or a special event.

how to write a fundraiser letter to parents

The reality is that we are raising money to simply continue the great programs we have been able to offer in the past: I want to end this letter by thanking you again. Thank you for taking the time to read it, and whether you are able to give or not, know we deeply appreciate your dedication to your child and our school.

Include personal quotations from people who have benefited from your fundraising in some way, or people who are in need and will be served by your efforts.

Place these quotes at the top, the bottom or in the side margins of the letter — maybe even in a different color — for maximum impact.Parent Letters for Brochure Fundraisers Introduction to fundraising parent letters.

Fundraising parent letters are critical to raising money. Don’t underrate the importance in the process. If you are looking to raise money then a well written introduction letter is something you should pay attention to.

Here is mine, nothing fancy. Subject: Donation for Teacher/Staff Appreciation Dinner The parents of the (your school name) P.T.O. are once again planning our annual Teacher/Staff Appreciation Dinner to be held during Teacher Appreciation Week.

how to write a fundraiser letter to parents

A collection of sample letters for fundraising donation requests - Sample Fundraiser letter styles to copy plus tips on how to ask & what letters work best. Sometimes when you’re writing a fundraising letter, it helps to have a sample to look at for composition tips. Here’s a collection of sample fundraising letters you can copy plus.

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Fundraiser parent letters - an easy way to boost brochure sales.