Left-handed writing aids

Languages that are written left-to-right, like English, are more difficult to write with the left hand -- a right-hander writes away from his body and pulls the pencil, while a left-hander must write toward his body and push the pencil. If a left-handed child is only permitted to write with the left hand but not taught how to write, the child may develop a needlessly uncomfortable, inefficient, slow, messy way of writing that will be a lifelong hardship.

Left-handed writing aids

Scissors[ edit ] For example right-handed scissors are arranged so that, in the right hand, fingers and thumb push the blades together laterally, creating the shearing action essential to scissors' utility.

In the left hand, however, fingers and thumb tend to force right-handed blades apart, so that, rather than being sheared, the work-material is merely hacked, as by a knife, or slips between the blades uncut.

Some computer set-ups have the mouse placed on the right side of the keyboard and unable to be repositioned to the left. The mouse itself is also sometimes shaped to fit the right hand better.

The functions of mouse buttons, even on mice shaped to fit both hands, default to right-hand use. On two-button mice, the left button —under the index finger of a right-handed person— is the primary button, while the right button performs secondary functions.

The on-screen pointers themselves are also configured for right-handed people. Most desktop operating systems allow a user to reverse the functionality of mouse buttons to accommodate left-handed use, but left-handed cursors sometimes need to be specially downloaded. Even with the ability to change the functionality of buttons, these devices may be difficult for left-handed use.

For a left handed person there are computer mice designed for left handed use, but they are a much smaller segment of the marketplace. In first-person shooters, many games default to the right pointer-finger being used to fire, simulating a right-handed person pulling the trigger of the weapon.

Certain systems' layouts, such as Nintendo's Wii U and 3DS, have games in which right-handed stylus use is assumed and can cause difficulty for left-handed players. Knives[ edit ] While European-style kitchen knives are usually symmetrical, Japanese kitchen knives have the cutting edge ground asymmetrically, having the cutting edge closer to the user's body[ citation needed ] with ratios[ clarification needed ] ranging from 70—30 for the average chef's knife, to 90—10 for professional sushi chef knives; left-handed models are rare, and usually must be specially ordered or custom made.

Cameras predominantly have the hand grip, shutter release, film wind lever and commonly used selection buttons, switches and dials controlled by the right hand. Lens controls where present tend to be accessible by either hand.

When an unskilled left-handed person uses a right-handed camera the hand control can be less steady and hence produce camera shake leading to poorer pictures at low shutter speeds.

Left-handed string instruments are produced, including guitars and violins. Inverted trumpets are made, too. Although the trumpet's valves are normally designed to be operated with the right hand, the prevailing belief is that left-handed trumpeters are not at a significant disadvantage.

The French hornfor example, is played with the left hand, yet most horn players are right-handed. Left handed drummers also set up drum kits the exact opposite to conventional right-handed setup i.

Sports[ edit ] A left-handed individual may be known as a southpaw, particularly in a sports context. It is widely accepted that the term originated in the United States, in the game of baseball. Baseball is an exception since batters, pitchers, and fielders in certain scenarios are physically advantaged or disadvantaged by their handedness.

In baseball, due to the direction in which curveballs and sliders break, it is generally accepted that the pitcher has an advantage when his handedness is the same as the batter's, and the batter has an advantage when they are opposite.

For this reason, many baseball teams include a left-handed specialist pitcher, who is brought into the game specifically to pitch to dangerous left-handed batters in crucial situations.

A left-handed first baseman uses a more fluid motion to tag out a baserunner returning to first base during a pickoff attempt by the pitcher and has less difficulty avoiding baserunners while presenting their mitt as a target for other fielders to throw to.

It is very uncommon to see a left-handed player playing any infield position other than pitcher or first basemen due to the counterclockwise flow of the game when throwing the ball around the bases.

A fielder's handedness is either a physical advantage or hindrance for similar reasons throughout the infield positions, and left-handedness is not always the more desirable dexterousness.

Left-handed bowlers are usually at an advantage during ten-pin bowling competition when hooking the ball into the pins from the left side of the lane. As there are fewer left-handed players, the lane's left side is not used as much, and thus the applied oil pattern does not change as quickly as it does for right-handed bowlers.

In boxingsomeone who boxes left-handed is frequently referred to as southpaw. The term is also used to refer to a stance in which the boxer places the right foot in front of the left, so it is possible for a right-handed boxer to box with a southpaw stance.

Most boxers, southpaw or otherwise, tend to train with sparring partners who adopt an orthodox stance which gives southpaws an advantage. Manny Pacquiao is an example of a southpaw although he writes with his right hand.

In the popular boxing film series Rockythe main character Rocky Balboa is a southpaw. Southpaw is also a term in professional wrestling, often giving them the advantage. Fencing weapons feature left- and right-handed grips, and a left-handed fencer's stance is opposite that of a right-handed opponent.

Although commonly asserted that left-handed fencers have an advantage over right-handed opponents because the line of defence favors their sword arm, this assertion describes both fencers in a mixed-handed duel, so neither competitor has a unique physical advantage.

Thus the left-hander's advantage in fencing stems mostly from a right-hander's unfamiliarity with a left-handed stance.Lauren Milsom's definitive guide to left-handed children and how you can help them. pages in full colour. Essential reading for any parent or teacher of a left-handed child, this book is a practical and comprehensive guide to the challenges your left-handed child may encounter from their first years right through school life and beyond and how you can help them.

We have a number of writing aids that will help guide your child into the most comfortable and efficient style for writing left-handed, which, with regular practice, can transform their grip, posture and letter formation and make writing a pleasure, not a pain.

Lefty's has assembled a terrific group of products for left-handed kids - pencils & colored pencils, left-handed scissors, left-handed notebooks & activity books, left-handed pens, left-handed writing guides, & toys especially for left-handed children.

left-handed writing aids

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left-handed writing aids

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