Living in divergent

Guardians was one of the best fantasy movies not just inbut in the past several years.

Living in divergent

This material was developed and reviewed through the InTeGrate curricular materials development process. This rigorous, structured process includes: This page first made public: Apr 28, Summary This module, intended to take two weeks in an introductory-level class, is divided into three units that focus on geologic hazards and associated risks at representative plate boundary settings: Students are assumed to be familiar with the basics of plate tectonics, including the general characteristics of plate boundaries.

Each plate boundary unit is designed to be equivalent to two one-hour class sessions and includes: At the end of each unit, student learning is assessed by their application of unit content to a new location in a similar plate boundary setting.

Strengths of the Module Geological monitoring can greatly improve our planning for and response to catastrophic events such as earthquakes and volcanoes. In this module, students use real earthquake and volcano monitoring data to draw conclusions about risks to plate boundary communities, and to communicate and plan for those risks.

In doing so, students integrate scientific data with societal scenarios, making use of authentic data, funded by government agencies to mitigate issues faced by communities. This module engages students in simulation and role-playing. Students do not need to live near plate boundaries to develop first-hand experience with seismic and volcanic risks.

By personalizing their role in response to simulations of active geologic processes, students gain experience interpreting evolving data sets, which in some cases are incomplete or otherwise realistically inadequate, but are forced to make interpretations due to time constraints.

Each unit of this module includes scaffolded activities that introduce the collection and interpretation of hazards data. Students use data to formulate risk assessments and community vulnerabilities. In doing so, students personally experience that geoscience is a complex, interdisciplinary effort with real-world implications for the availability of complex data sets that are interpreted accurately, but that are modified through time as geologic events evolve.

The concepts of risk and vulnerability analysis introduced in this module are useful ideas in systems thinking, and are important in particular in understanding coupled natural-human systems see e.

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While this module itself does not explicitly address Earth systems, the module's focus on these systems-related analyses makes it well suited to fit in a course that takes a systems approach to Earth or environmental science.

A great fit for courses in:This module, intended to take two weeks in an introductory-level class, is divided into three units that focus on geologic hazards and associated risks at representative plate boundary settings: transform, divergent and convergent.

Beatrice "Tris" Prior is the viewpoint character in Divergent and Insurgent, and shares the viewpoint character role in Allegiant with Tobias "Four" in the Abnegation faction to Andrew and Natalie Prior, she describes herself as having pale blonde hair, wide gray-blue eyes, a long, thin nose and a short and skinny stature.

Jun 05,  · Living The Divergent Dream.

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June 5, June 5, When I pick up any one of the Divergent series books, I can’t seem to put it down until I’ve finished reading the entire book. I’m sorry if anyone thinks that is weird, but that is what I always do after I read a book and love it.

Living in divergent

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CHARACTERS Beatrice A sixteen year old girl living in Chicago. Beatrice likes to go by Tris. Tris is a risky girl and has no clue that she will takes a test that will change her . Divergent Living is a life coaching service by Alicia Deer.

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