The issue of filtering of the internet

One difference is that national borders are more permeable online: Thus censors must work to prevent access to information even though they lack physical or legal control over the websites themselves. This in turn requires the use of technical censorship methods that are unique to the Internet, such as site blocking and content filtering. A Time Magazine article quotes computer scientist John Gilmoreone of the founders of the Electronic Frontier Foundationas saying "The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.

The issue of filtering of the internet

[SOLUTION] Group Policy Issue Filtering Streaming Video In a perceptive intervention he pointed to business risks of filtering and sought to establish precisely what is the current policy in this area. The Government response is very interesting — confirming for example that all Irish mobile broadband providers are already filtering presumably against the IWF blacklist and that the the Department of Communications has been frozen out of the discussion.

Overblocking[ edit ] Utilising a filter that is overly zealous at filtering content, or mislabels content not intended to be censored can result in over blocking, or over-censoring.

Over blocking can filter out material that should be acceptable under the filtering policy in effect, for example health related information may unintentionally be filtered along with porn-related material because of the Scunthorpe problem.

Filter administrators may prefer to err on the side of caution by accepting over blocking to prevent any risk of access to sites that they determine to be undesirable. Content-control software was mentioned as blocking access to Beaver College before its name change to Arcadia University. Underblocking[ edit ] Whenever new information is uploaded to the Internet, filters can under block, or under-censor, content if the parties responsible for maintaining the filters do not update them quickly and accurately, and a blacklisting rather than a whitelisting filtering policy is in place.

In the United States, the First Amendment to the United States Constitution has been cited in calls to criminalise forced internet censorship. See section below Without adequate governmental supervision, content-filtering software could enable private companies to censor as they please. See Religious or political censorshipbelow.

Government utilisation or encouragement of content-control software is a component of Internet Censorship not to be confused with Internet Surveillancein which content is monitored and not necessarily restricted.

Board of Trustees of the Loudoun County Library that the imposition of mandatory filtering in a public library violates the First Amendment.

Civil liberties groups challenged the law under the First Amendment, and in the Supreme Court ruled in their favor. This led to legal action alleging violation of the "Cyber Patrol" license agreement.

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See Over-zealous filteringbelow. Some content-control software companies responded by claiming that their filtering criteria were backed by intensive manual checking. Examples include blocking several religious sites [28] [29] including the Web site of the Vaticanmany political sites, and homosexuality-related sites.

Using an online questionnaire a webmaster describes the nature of their web content.

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A small file is generated that contains a condensed, computer readable digest of this description that can then be used by content filtering software to block or allow that site. ICRA labels come in a variety of formats. ASACP members were concerned that various forms of legislation being proposed in the United States were going to have the effect of forcing adult companies to label their content.

Both labels are recognized by a wide variety of content-control software.

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It employs HTML metadata tags embedded within web page documents to specify the type of content contained in the document. Only two levels are specified, mature and adult, making the specification extremely simple.

Use in public libraries[ edit ] United States[ edit ] The use of Internet filters or content-control software varies widely in public libraries in the United States, since Internet use policies are established by the local library board.


Some libraries use Internet filters on computers used by children only. Some libraries that employ content-control software allow the software to be deactivated on a case-by-case basis on application to a librarian; libraries that are subject to CIPA are required to have a policy that allows adults to request that the filter be disabled without having to explain the reason for their request.

Many legal scholars believe that a number of legal cases, in particular Reno v. American Civil Liberties Unionestablished that the use of content-control software in libraries is a violation of the First Amendment. The plurality decision left open a future "as-applied" Constitutional challenge, however.

The issue of filtering of the internet

It appears that no article I, section 5 content-based violation exists in this case. As NCRL maintains, it is reasonable to impose restrictions on Internet access in order to maintain an environment that is conducive to study and contemplative thought.Other libraries do not install content control software, believing that acceptable use policies and educational efforts address the issue of children accessing age-inappropriate content while preserving adult users' right to freely access information.

The issue of filtering of the internet

Some libraries use Internet filters on computers used by children only. On the Internet, content filtering (also known as information filtering) is the use of a program to screen and exclude from access or availability Web pages or e-mail that is deemed objectionable. Internet Explorer allows you to use ActiveX Filtering to block ActiveX controls for all sites to browse the Web without running any ActiveX controls, and then be able to .

ActiveX Filtering. ActiveX Filtering in Internet Explorer prevents sites from installing and using these apps. This can help keep you safer as you browse, but it can also affect the performance of certain sites.

For example, when ActiveX Filtering is on, videos, games, and other interactive content might not work. Jul 29,  · Hi, · What other issue do you have apart from web filtering? · Do you remember making any recent changes to the computer prior to this issue?

· What happens when you try to access internet? · Are you receiving a prompt to activate Windows XP? · Is your computer connected to workgroup or a domain network? You may follow these suggestions. State Internet filtering laws require public schools or libraries to adopt Internet use policies or instafll filtering software to prevent minors from gaining access to sexually explicit, obscene or harmful materials.

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