The pros and cons of watching a live theater play

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The pros and cons of watching a live theater play

Share via Email Numbers game Albert Einstein is proof that moonlighting can produce momentous work. Corbis Is art a living or a hobby? The debate began over on the Culture Future blog, where Guy Yedwab has been considering how difficult it is to earn a living as an artist.

On the other hand, if we were to find out that futures traders have trouble making ends meet it would not be a social justice problem. They would just go do something else, and we'd probably be thrilled. After all, theatre is a much harder thing to commodify than many other art forms because its value derives from its liveness, and cannot be reproduced and sold ad infinitum.

Therefore the capacity for turning a profit and sustaining a living is even more limited.

The pros and cons of watching a live theater play

As the Flux Theatre Ensemble blog points out, monetary worth is never a good way of judging the true value of theatre. The Chicago-based blogger Don Hallhas a very simple answer to this dilemma.

He says, rather loudly: Yet perhaps there's an upside to all of this. It's because not making a living off theatre makes my work better — because real people live in the real world and, as a theatre artist, that's where my focus needs to be. Even if I do something completely surreal and fantastical, the core will be about life as it is lived today.

I can't get that if I'm a sort of secular monk who can't be bothered with the lives and concerns of laypeople. But either way, Bard is surely right to point out the importance of not disappearing completely into the tiny bubble of theatreland.

Anyway, as the global economy continues to falter, the idea of job security in many fields is looking increasingly unlikely. Adam Thurman at Mission Paradox writes: So you might as well do what you love. It's hard to do great art and dodge eviction notices at the same time.

But you might as well try to see if you can integrate your art into your life.

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Maybe it gets to the point where you make a living from it, maybe not. After all, Einstein did some of his best stuff while he was working as a patent clerk.Naturally, home theater sound can be improved further by deploying a couple of Play:3s as satellite speakers to create a true surround system, but adding the Sub is what really fills in the.

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