Would you play on the court

But what exactly is pickleball? How do you play it? How does it differ from the other racquet sports? In pickleball, players use a solid-surface paddle, rather than a racquet with strings, to hit a ball across a net.

Would you play on the court

Would you play on the court

November 17th, First4Figures Phoenix Wright finally revealed After first being teased way back inFirst 4 Figures has finally unveiled its Phoenix Wright statue, which opens for pre-orders on Friday 23rd November.

You can find out how to pre-order the figure and watch a short video on F4F's website here but be warned, they're usually on the pricey side. Even if you don't preorder, I think it's a promising sign that we're finally seeing some AA merch widely available outside Japan.

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November 10th, RIP Missile, It's with a heavy heart today that I report that Shu Takumi has let the world know that his beloved Pomeranian Missile passed away this past summer. Following the airing of last night's episode of the Ace Attorney anime, which saw a young Edgeworth meet a very peppy Pomeranian, Takumi tweeted out the following: In last night's episode, there was a Pomeranian who passed the time happily with a boy named Edgeworth This past summer, Missile went to eternal rest at the age of I'd shown him off a few times here on Twitter, and all of you loved him so much.

I knew I had to tell you all sooner or later, but Now that he's had one last appearance on the small screen, I thought now might be the time. He passed away very suddenly, just a few days after I returned from my business trip in America.

I believe he was waiting for me to come back before he went Even now, I can't even think of it without being overwhelmed. Thank you for everything, Missile.

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But most players know him from Ghost Trick, where he served as one of the protagonists and captured the world's heart as a top Pomeranian. On the game's third anniversary, Takumi released a song celebrating Missileand even if it was about the version from the game, it's hard not to think it wasn't about his own faithful friend as well.

Missile is survived by his owner, Takumi, and his two siblings the cats Sankichi and Kinako. We'll have high definition scans of Famitsu when it's out. Furthermore, the English Ace Attorney twitter account has announced that it too will be sharing new details about the upcoming ports, likely the same as what will be shared in Famitsu.

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For those in Japan, the release date of the port has been announced as February 21st and e-Capcom has also put up its limited edition versions of the game for Switch and PS4. Depending on which version you buy, it comes with a copy of the game, a soundtrack CD, a drama CD, a mini canvas art piece, a buildable Blue Badger kit and even some Steel Samurai trading cards.

You can order them here!In last night's episode, there was a Pomeranian who passed the time happily with a boy named Edgeworth the pomeranian's name wasn't said on-screen, but he just so happens to look like a certain dog at the Takumi residence; a dog that rocketed all over the place just like a Missile.

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